I am interested in how the brain solves the complex task of integrating prior knowledge and multisensory information to establish stable and beneficial self-motion perception. Moreover, I am interested in the influence of vestibular information and self-motion perception on performance in spatial tasks.

My research focusses on

  • cognitive and perceptual processes in ultrahigh magnetic fields (7 Tesla)
  • multisensory integration and gravity perception
  • the influence of posture and prior knowledge on percepts of self-motion



Ertl, M., Prelz, C., Fitze, D. C., Wyssen, G., & Mast, F. W. (2022). PlatformCommander—An open source software for an easy integration of motion platforms in research laboratories. SoftwareX, 17, 100945.

Klaus*, M. P., Wyssen*, G. C., Frank, S. M., Malloni, W. M., Greenlee, M. W., & Mast, F. W. (2020). Vestibular Stimulation Modulates Neural Correlates of Own-body Mental Imagery. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 32(3), 484-496. (*shared first authorship)